The Offer


Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs at any level… just starting to low 7 figures.

What problem does Mo’Flow solve?

Every entrepreneur wants a business that attracts awesome clients, delivers great money, and is hella fun every day.

Unfortunately, the reality of experiencing all three at the same time is low. Very low.

Why? Their mindset gets hijacked damn near every day by stress, fear, lack of clarity, procrastination, or worse.

And that energy sends clients and money away!

Your mindset determines every result in your business.

The key to every entrepreneurs’ success is making mindset their #1 priority. When you keep your mojo flowing, everything in your business syncs up to produce kickass results!

How does Mo’Flow help entrepreneurs attract clients and double their income?

Mo’Flow serves up fun ’n easy ways for entrepreneurs to smash limiting thoughts, elevate their mojo, and get into a state of superflow…

Every. Single. Day.

Superflow is that place where…

  • You focus on needle-moving actions that deliver supergrowth.
  • Your intuition and creativity are firing on all cylinders.
  • Less action is required to produce big results.
  • You don’t think you’re a badass… you know it!
  • Business is freaking fun and adds extreme pleasure to your life.

What is Mo’Flow?

It’s not a program. It’s an experience. It’s a way of being in your business. And it’s a totally new paradigm that guarantees you feel good… and grows your biz at supersonic speed.

It delivers short bursts of content, high-vibe games and structures, and massive support for entrepreneurs to keep their client-attracting and money-makin’ mojo revving high.

Every day.

When life wants to steal your thunder, Mo’Flow helps you bounce back… fast!

Plus, all participants get access to our Five Star Client Formula program that we launched for a decade at $1,997. This program gives them what they need to dial in their ideal client, message, offer/s, and a feel-good marketing plan to pull it all together. (One module a month is dripped over 7 months.)

What’s the commission structure?

Mo’Flow members $997

Mo’Flow + VIP package $1996

You get paid 40% commission on your referrals the first year in Mo’Flow, which means up to $388 to $788 per referral.

Launch Schedule for 2023:


21 – Promote Workshop 1
22 – Promote Workshop 1
23 – Workshop 1at 12pm Pacific
24 – Promote Workshop 2
25 – Promote Workshop 2
26 – Workshop 2 at 10am Pacific
27 – Promote Workshop 3
28 – Promote Workshop 3

1 – Workshop 3 @ 12pm
2 – Cart open
3 – Promote Livestream
4 – Livestream at 10am Pacific
5 – Cart close

Feedback from participants after their first 30 days in Mo’Flow…

“I’d worried in December that my finances would be in the red come January. All evidence pointed to that happening. (Jeanna said, ‘You don’t know you’re going to be in the red.’—words of wisdom!) Not only did that not happen, but I have an abundance of money flowing in.

On top of that, I’ve been connecting with all sorts of people, in unexpected ways, that have been moving me forward in a big way.

I also launched a project I dreamed of for years—making a feature film and documenting the process on YouTube—and it feels like it’s cracked my whole world wide open in terms of connecting with others, feeling engaged and inspired, and really being on my true path.”
– Sara McDermott Jain

“A former 5-Star Client emailed me about online courses and bought one. Sold copies of ebooks without active marketing. Had a media appearance in Huff Post and found a full-blown video of one of my other interviews with video, images, text overlay, and music on MSN!”
– Rashelle Isip

Since making Flow my #1 priority these past couple weeks, I have noticed how easy it is for me to remain focused on the tasks that need doing because inspiration & Flow, instead of my head, are guiding my actions. This has increased productivity tenfold because I am getting more done in less time! That’s amazing when it comes to the delicate balance of family & work.”
– Cynthia Botsko (known as alias Brighid McGregor on FB)

“1. My trademark application has been approved!
2. I got the perfect idea for my first course!
3. No BS attitude—anything that drains my mojo gets the boot!
4. More quantum flow—when I think of something or ask for it… it manifests at Mach speed! Better be careful of my thoughts!
5. I’m LOVING this group. It was a toss-up between this membership and another. I chose the right one. This is the space I needed to be in. You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to shoot to the moon in a rocket ship! We’re all shooting stars!”
– Koser Khaliq

I received an offer for a substantial teaching gig with someone I highly respect! It was so unexpected, yet so perfect! And I don’t have to find the students to teach! (BIG win for me!!) So much will come out of this opportunity!

I also had the perfect lead-gen opportunity fall into my lap (thanks, Jeanna!!), which will quickly generate six figures for me! I also found the healthcare practitioners that I resonate with (I’d spent YEARS on this till now), and I’m finally getting my hormone issues addressed in an ideal way for me!!

I’m feeling powerful and so clear and confident in my choices!”
– Korina Felkers


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