The Prizes 2023

Y’all we are on fire over here on #TeamJeanna getting so pumped for our annual Mo’Flow launch. 🔥💪🔥 As a promotional partner of Mo’Flow you’ve got the potential to earn up to $788 per new member.  Our mission is to make every launch a high-vibe party so that’s why we not only serve up 40% commissions but we also offer opt-in, sales AND participation prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars throughout my launch Giddyup!!

Opt-in Prizes:

There are a lot of fun surprises coming, but for now, here’s what’s happening for the overall Opt-In Contest that runs through Wednesday, March 1st at 12:30pm Pacific.

1. $3,000

2. $1,500

3. $800

4. $500

5. $250

6. $150

7. Drawing entry for $100 Amazon Gift Card

8. Drawing entry for $100 Amazon Gift Card

9. Drawing entry for $100 Amazon Gift Card

10. Drawing entry for $100 Amazon Gift Card

Sales Prizes:

1st – $8,000

2nd – $2,000

3rd – $1,000

4th – $500

5th – $250

Top 10 get mastermind + fun day.

 You can win prizes whether or not you’re on the leaderboard because we’ll be bringing back our prize wheel and some new surprises to make sure you stay in the flow, have fun and make sales while changing lives! 

The more you show up and share from your heart to your audiences…

The more you will speak directly to the heart and soul of your followers that are a perfect match for the Mo’Flow membership… the more potential you have to earn from simply making that connection for us – Win – Win – Win!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to share a new paradigm with your community… one where everything you want in your business is manifested from a place of flow.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to my badass JV Manager, Jamie Goins at

She’s standing by, ready to help in whatever way possible to make this the best experience possible!

Cheers to an EPIC launch together, and as always, Cheers to Mo’Flow  🥂