My JV Leaderboard Secrets

Decide what you want from this launch… clear intentions deliver better results.

Connect to the value of the program and ‘see’ your tribe getting a flood of five-star clients (and loving how easy it was!).

Decide how much money you’re going to make and which prizes you want! Why not go big? It’s the same amount of effort and very energizing and fun.

Decide how you will spend that money. “See” yourself experiencing the positive impact of winning amazing prizes and spending those commission checks.

Brainstorm ideas that light you up during the launch that will help you nail your target. Get out of your box. Get CRAZZZY. It’s fun.

Map out your mailing dates based on my launch plan. Be sure to mail for cart open and 3 -5 times on cart close day. This is where many partners drop the ball and their enrollment suffers.

After cart open, announce your rockstar bonuses for those that purchase through your link. Share why each bonus compliments The Five-Star Client Formula. Highlight the value and outcomes. Don’t have congruent bonuses? Create them! Package up your genius or leverage something you’ve already created in the past. Give a mastermind, VIP day, scripts from classes, programs, live events, 1:1 sessions, promote them, hook them up with another rockstar. Partner with someone else to create something new. Don’t be afraid to give away bonuses worth more than the program. I’ve given away more than $10k in bonuses when promoting a partner’s $1k program.

Tweak the swipe copy. Change up the subject lines. Add your own flavor. Give your own testimonials about me or my content… from the heart. Add a story. Add a tip. Make ‘em even juicer. Trust your Inner Guidance.

Mail to anyone who hasn’t opened at least once for each piece of PLC.

Post one of my articles in your ezine and/or blog with your affiliate link at the bottom.

Facebook ads. Did you know that you can upload your mailing list to FB and promote to your peeps there?

Put prelaunch freebies on your website in the space where your normal optin is.

Do an exit pop from your site to my prelaunch page.

Have fun! Stress repels sales. Your tribe will go nuts and buy, buy, buy when you have fun promoting and engaging in the prelaunch material yourself.


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