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The Book – Feb. 9-13 and The Webinars – Feb. 14-24

ProfitQuest 2015 Launch Schedule:

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Feb. 9 – PLC #1 – NEW BookRock Your Profits: Stress-Free Steps to Turn Your Biz Into a Badass, Money-Making Machine

Mail anytime beginning Feb. 9. Ideal mailing dates: Feb 9-15


Feb. 12 – PLC #2 – Truth or Dare Game + Template (20 small steps for a big WOW in profits!)

Mail anytime beginning Feb. 12. Ideal mailing dates: Feb. 12-13


Feb. 14 – PLC #3 – Profitland Game + Template: Profitland (30 day plan to double your profits + they get to design their own profit game)

Mail beginning Feb. 14. Ideal mailing dates: Feb 14-15


Feb. 17 – Live Webinar #1: Unlock Your Profit Code (Make your biz ‘profit-ready’)

Mail anytime beginning Feb. 9. Ideal mailing dates: Feb. 16-18


Feb. 18 – Webinar 1 Encore


Feb. 19CART OPEN (add your bonus)

Mail Feb 19


Feb. 21 – Live Webinar #2: Speed Dial Your Profits (6 step daily process to double your profits)

Mail Feb 20-22


Feb. 22 – Webinar 2 Encore


Feb. 23Coaching Party (with swag bags)



Mail Feb 23-24

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