(2014) The Offer

ProfitQuest is an E-Ticket Ride for business owners who need to breakthrough to a new profit setpoint!
This program is a blend of inner and outer game strategies to double your peeps profits and fun.

They’ll create an inspiring…

  • Hell Yes Business Plan
  • Wealth Plan
  • Marketing Funnel

Plus your tribe will…

  • Address their money and business stories head on and make peace with them, so they can let in joy and profits.
  • Adjust their pricing to reflect the true value their company delivers to their ideal customers, clients and patients.
  • Create crystal clear financial targets that fire them up and cause them to stretch into their potential.
  • Create a healthy relationship with debt (if they have it) and watch big chunks of it disappear each month (POOF!).
  • Learn how to use their inner focus to attract more money in the door without killing themselves marketing, networking or changing strategies as many times as they change underwear.
  • Easily access their Inner Business Expert to make super savvy choices for their business that free up their energy and tap fully into their genius.
  • Fully stand in their power about the value and talent they bring to the world so that they attract super star customers, high-level promotional partners, A-game team players and people who come out of the woodwork to support their mission.
  • Have a freakin’ blast day-to-day in their business while being excited and appreciative with every sale that comes through.

ProfitQuest Cost: $1997
I breakdown the art of profit attraction into doable and empowering baby steps. And I’m HUGE on over delivering in the coaching and customer service department so that every question gets answered!

PLC #1 The Book

Rock your Profits … Stress-Free Steps That Turn Your Biz Into a Badass Money-Making Machine

This new book helps struggling entrepreneurs to increase their income by building a solid foundation that attracts massive profits. No more investing time, energy and money on projects, people and systems that aren’t money-makers!

They’ll ditch their overwhelm and fear and step into the role of Badass CEO … feeling, thinking, and acting like a biz owner that expects big profits (with results to prove it!).

It includes a hefty dose of “money mindset mojo” along with 15 easy-to-implement steps to boost their profits and fun.

PLC #2 The Game

Truth or Dare/Spin the Bottle Mashup + Truth or Dare Template

20 small steps for a big WOW in profits!

Sometimes the fastest way to nail your money goal is through baby steps. And you have to do, think and act like a money-maker when you take them. Some people can make that shift easier with a powerful question. Others need to take bold (but simple) actions.

We’ve created an online Truth or Dare (profit focused) game to get revenue momentum rolling. Play over and over. Plus, a truth or dare fun sheet to make it a daily offline game, too. Try it … play with your team, too!

Here is the URL to bypass the optin and experience the game (for your eyes only):

PLC #3 The Next Game


Profitland Game + Template: Destination Profitland

30 day plan to double your profits + design your own profit game!

What is it? Destination: Profitland is an online 10-step game to double the profits for one of your products or services. The template that accompanies it helps biz owners design their own game to breakthrough their most challenging profit issues with fun and ease.

You can bypass the optin to check it out here (for your eyes only):


Unlock your Profit Code

Discover the Key to Doubling Your Profits This Year and Every Year without Doubling Your Work Hours, Marketing Efforts or Stress Level

What is it? Get profit ready! How to plan, prepare and implement for huge increases in profit … including some huge mindset shifts! I stay after the call for a Q & A. Plus, your peeps are getting a super rockin’ template for creating their 30-Day Plan for Sky-High Peace and Profit$.

Doubling your profits and fun,




Questions? Contact Lauray at partners @ masterpeacecoaching.com